CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS)


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카테고리: 도구

발행일: Apr 3, 2015

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가격: 무료

요구사항: Android 2.3 and up

번역: 10,000,000


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This simple and practical flashlight tool isthe latest app from Cheetah Mobile that can enhance your Androidlife. Completely free, this super-bright flashlight opens instantlyand includes a compass, SOS flashes and colored lighting for yourconvenience.

Safety + Reliability + Variety + Free = CM Flashlight

1. Top Free Flashlight: Supports tons of phone models to helpeveryone light up the dark
2. Instantly Opens: No waiting around to find your path
3. Tiny Size: Small install size, and uses less than 1MB ofRAM!
4. SOS Button: If you find yourself lost or in danger, press thisbutton to repeatedly flash an SOS signal and have people come saveyou
5. Compass: Find your direction easily
6. Variable Lighting: Choose your preferred color to soften thelight
7. Efficient Power: Won't drain your battery like otherflashlights!


*CM Flashlight uses the camera flash on your phone as a lightsource, but can also use your screen brightness setting as analternative. The camera permission is needed to use the cameraflash.
*Different light sources can be used depending on your needs, andyou can change the color according to your environment.
*While CM Flashlight is power efficient, leaving the flashlight onfor a long time will drain battery! Try to use it only whenneeded.

User feedback helps make our apps great! If you have any comments,suggestions or words you'd like to share with us, you can get intouch with us at [email protected] Thanks!

  • 다운로드 CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS) APK
  • 다운로드 CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS) APK
  • 다운로드 CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS) APK

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neucomconsulting_blr 다운로드 CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS) APK
Dec 01, 2016

Love the size, SOS + compass. Do NOT like - tricky ads that vibrate phone and lie about viruses + fake offers (mostly to sign up to expensive weekly mobile downloads) - so I've turned off Storage permission for your app. ★★★★ Great App. Does its job well. I love the compass + SOS button. Storage permission is NOT required for this app - after clicking on your fake + sneaky ad links in app - this app simply can't be trusted with access to wifi etc. Google Ads are fairly boring - but they don't send you to shonky sites, try them instead. ★★★★ Recommend